Bluetooth Stereo is still emergent technology. In speaker mode the BT was an improvement over our laptop’s built-in speakers, but then again, just about anything is. What it is — and what it isn’t. Voice dialing can be initiated by pressing either the call button on the headset or the BlackBerry itself. Speakerphone capabilities — Hold conversations through the built-in microphone. Operating range — Up to 33 feet Music time — 8 hours in headset mode and in speaker mode Talk time — 8 hours in both handsfree- and speakerphone mode Standby time — hours Charging time — 3 hours Weight — g Dimensions — L1.

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The high end was not as strong, but it was passable. Unfortunately, the headphones don’t charge via USB, though you can connect jabra bt8030 for use bt80030 wired speakers or headphones.

The Jabra BT is a very versatile device. This unit does not play loudly — when the sound was turned up too high on either the BlackBerry or the Headphones, the sound did, at times, break up. The Jabra BT jabra bt8030 an interesting and useful device. It functions as a Bluetooth Headset, a Bluetooth Jabra bt8030 and as Bluetooth Stereo Gt8030 — that is a bunch of versatility in one device.

Review: Jabra BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset/Headphones |

Better-sounding wireless headsets and wireless speakers are on the market, jabra bt8030 no other product combines the jabra bt8030. Review Sections Review Specs. First ever Bluetooth speaker and headphone combo — Have music from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, PC or media player.


Sound compression takes a toll on music quality. The inner portion of the headphones is covered in thick black foam padding. This was great for having music outside or simply providing better external sound than you can get from the BlackBerry speaker itself. Overall, we’re not crazy about the BT as headphones–the JBL Reference offer jabra bt8030 quality–but as portable wireless speakers for music and phone calls, they’re a decent option.

Jabra bt8030 Jawbone Bluetooth Headset jabra bt8030. We’re used to the effects of Bluetooth’s recompression, but the sonic flaws were even more apparent than usual with jabra bt8030 BT Frequency response — Hz to Hz Includes: Versatility The Jabra BT is a very versatile device.

Unique design — Easily transforms from comfy headsets for personal listening to stylish speakers for sharing music. The matte-black plastic exterior has subtle silver trim and a very small LED on either side, and the inner part consists of very firm velour-covered padding that wasn’t particularly comfortable and picked up tons of lint.

Speakerphone capabilities — Hold conversations through the built-in microphone. Other types of music jabra bt8030 rely more on the low end and midrange–like rock and hip-hop–were far easier to listen to.

Jabra bt8030 Jabra BT can be folded out into a portable speaker. It performed reasonably well for phone calls in both modes, jabra bt8030 the built-in mic doesn’t have a noise-cancellation feature.

It is very tight fitting — but still comfortable.


Jabra BT8030 bluetooth headset works as a speaker too

Call jabra bt8030 was fine — this was certainly not the bt830 comfortable way to talk on the phone — but there is something said for calls coming to both ears jabra bt8030 help jabrq call clarity. Just push the small safety release buttons which are located along the top of the headset — and the headphones open up into a jabra bt8030 speaker system. Range is typical for Bluetooth headsets, at about 30 feet. Music sounded great using either I will talk about sound quality in a bit.

Easily transforming from headset for personal enjoyment to speakers for shared listening, its full, rich sound make it ideal for any music lover.

Continue to jjabra page 01 These things are big — jabra bt8030 big and they are heavy. Sound quality is good — very good for a stereo Bluetooth Jabra bt8030.

This also makes the BT a tremendously versatile product. Though it’s pretty bulky, we have to admit we like the idea. The outer shell of the BT has a lovely black jabra bt8030 soft-touch finish.

Jabra bt8030 earpiece to earpiece, the BT seems to be carved out of a single block of hard plastic and foam.